Michaela Forni's guide to Stockholm Michaela Forni's guide to Stockholm

Michaela Forni's guide to Stockholm

Where to Get Styled

Get styled at Bangerhead Studio

Bangerhead Studio

Before you start discovering Stockholm, you need to visit the nearest Maria Nila salon for some styling! What does your salon mean to you? I’ve been going to Bangerhead Studio for over 10 years, and it’s one of the best places I know. On Fridays they serve sparkling wine, and on other days I relax in my hairdresser’s chair with a cup of coffee. No one has the magic touch of coloring dark brown hair with red shades, as cold and fine blonde as Jennifer at Bangerhead Studio. Here they know exactly what kind of styling that will suit you and your hair. I prefer the well-groomed page!

Bangerhead Studio can be found at Humlegårdsgatan 14, right next to Östermalmstorg. Take a walk there and walk cross Humlegården, enjoying a lovely walk in the park.

TIPS! On Fridays they serve sparkling wine, and on other days I love to relax in the chair with a cup of coffee.

Where to Stay

Where to stay: Villa Dagmar

Villa Dagmar

A visit to Villa Dagmar will not disappoint you! A boutique hotel with international standards. A small shop and a restaurant section that is serving fantastic food, top-class drinks in their courtyard and above all - a cosy and homely environment! Villa Dagmar is the hottest hotel in Stockholm if you ask me and I have so many great memories here.

Villa Dagmar is located on Nybrogatan 25-27, next to Östermalmstorg. Just a few minutes’ walk from both Arkivet and Bangerhead Studio. And from me to you - here you will find the best olives in town!

TIPS! If you want to eat at the hotel’s restaurant section, I recommend booking a table in time for your visit. Check their website for availability at www.hotelvilladagmar.com

Where to Shop

Where to shop: Arkivet


When I visit a second-hand shop, I am reminded of the euphoria that comes from finding that unique garment that you have dreamed of for so long. Here you will find both budget finds and exclusive pieces for a good price. You’ll never regret a visit to Arkivet and probably you will walk away with a lot of good treasures!

The archive is located at Nybrogatan 44, and I recommend to walk Nybrogatan down and check out all the people who enjoy the outdoor terraces along the pedestrian street.

TIPS! My recommendation is to look out a little extra for jeans from Toteme or sweaters from Rodebjer!

Where to Get Cultural

Where to Get Cultural: National Museum

National Museum

The National Museum of Sweden is the largest in art. There are big collections of paintings, sculptures, design and much more. I can walk around and look for hours in a museum to be inspired by powerful works of art. Not only is the National Museum of Sweden incredibly beautiful, but also the area where it is located is worth a visit.

It is located on Blasieholmen in Stockholm, more specifically at Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2, right next to the water. Every time I walk past there I get a calm and warm feeling in my soul and feel that ‘wow, how I love Stockholm’. Just the walk there is beautiful sighting!

TIPS! You don’t have to book anything to visit the National Museum, but plan your visit accordingly when it suits you!

Where to Have a Drink

Where to Have a Drink: Schmaltz


When you step over the threshold to Schmaltz, it feels like coming home. It is a small gem located at Östermalmstorg 19, just around the corner from Östermalmstorg. Schmaltz bartenders are experts when it comes to mixing drinks and selecting good wines. It is always of high quality with incredible flavours. If I’m going to go to an drink after work, I’m going here. Walk here, or take the tram to Nybrokajen. Worth a visit!

TIPS! I recommend you to sit on their outdoor terrace and watch people walking by.

Where to Eat

Where to eat: ChouChou


ChouChou serves vegan food in the form of A la carte and buffet, which is magical. When you step into ChouChou, you are greeted by palm leaves, an open kitchen and good music. This is by far one of Stockholm’s best restaurants when it comes to vegan food, and it is perfect for everything from lunch, to drinks after work or dinner. Who isn’t in the mood for classic Swedish meatballs in vegan style or a traditional vegan Toast Skagen? An added plus is that you are allowed to dance on the chairs! ChouChou is located in the middle of Stockholm, inside Mood Gallerian.

Enter Regeringsgatan 48 in your maps app and you will find the right one. Rent a bike and go from the National Museum to Mood Gallerian if you want to get around quickly. Otherwise, walk and enjoy Stockholm’s beautiful surroundings.

TIPS! Right next to ChouChou is a Maria Nila salon where you can purchase all the products you need for your weekend in Stockholm!