Hair Volume Powder

Maria Nila’s hair volume powder is a volumizing styling product that gives your hair a matte long-lasting texture and high-volume feel to both thick as well as thin and fine hair. Like all other hair care from Maria Nila, the volume powder is vegan with CO2 compensated packaging.

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Volume powder, hair powder, and volume powder for the hair

We find many names for those we love! When using the words hair dust, hair powder, and volume powder, the common denominator is often a type of powder that gives volume to the hair. Hair powder is a term that is usually also used when talking about dry shampoo in powder form. Volume powder is especially advantageous for those with thin hair who want to add body, but it can be used for all hair types. If you like a lot of volumes, volume powder is the perfect product. It is easy to build volume that lasts a long time, but it is also much easier to correct the volume with volume powder if you happen to have taken too much product. If there is too much volume for your taste, just comb off a little of the powder from the roots of your hair and start over. Volume powder removes some of the greasy hair and gives a matte finish, so if you wish to get this result in your hair, you can also use the trick of combing out the powder for this purpose.

Volume in the scalp with Maria Nila's volume powder

For your hair to get the best possible volume, you should work all the way into your scalp. Maria Nila has volume powder that is worked into the scalp and gives great volume.
Power Powder - The volumizing styling powder is suitable for thin and thick hair and does not weigh the hair down. With a convenient pump bottle, the powder is easily applied to the scalp without it flying off. The main ingredient, silica silylate, is highly volumizing and leaves the hair with a matte finish, making it perfect for giving the illusion of thicker hair. An added plus with Maria Nila's volume powder is that it can be used instead of hair wax and is perfect as a styling product. Power Powder comes in a pack of 2 grams.

Vegan volume powder

Apart from the positive results of the volume powder on hair styling, Maria Nila's hair powder already has advantages from its production. Maria Nila cares about both animals and the environment and manufactures all its products in Sweden in climate-compensated packaging. They are also 100% vegan. Maria Nila believes in good products for people, animals, and the environment, without this having to affect the final results.

Use volume powder like this:

    ▪ Shake the bottle before use
    ▪ Apply on dry hair near the scalp
    ▪ Massage the powder carefully
    ▪ For even results and more volume, apply a little at a time

Volume powder best in testing

Power Powder has not yet been included in any best in tests trials that Maria Nila knows of. However, it has been described among independent reviews as a product that completely removes the greasy feel on the scalp, is easy to use, easy to apply and has a dry and good consistency. Power powder is described as a volume powder that provides concentrated, powerful volume.