Hair Cream

Maria Nila's hair creams are ideal for hair styling, especially short or curly hair. Our Styling Cream gives structure, control and shine to your hair. Our Curlicue Cream is a nourishing cream that emphasizes waves and curls and protects against humidity, while our Salty Cream is a nourishing texture cream with light hold that gives a beachy feel to your hair. Discover all hair creams!
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Hair cream for all hair types

Maria Nila's hair cream is ideal for hair styling. You can choose hair cream according to your desired end result, whether you are looking for a smooth hairstyle or curls that last all day. Our Styling Cream is for you if you who want to control your hairstyle with structure and stability and at the same time get a glossy result. Curlicue Cream is designed for curly hair to highlight and define your wavy and curly hair, while protecting against moisture and nourishing deeply.

Nourishing hair cream for curly hair

Do you have curly hair and want to add structure while nourishing your curls? Our Curlicue Cream hair cream for curly hair is a nourishing cream that emphasizes your natural curls through structure and stability. The cream contains moisturizing chamomile extract which counteracts split ends and protects against frizz and static hair. Curlicue Cream also contains heat-protective molecules that simultaneously strengthen the structure of the hair. Curlicue Cream comes in climate compensated packaging with the fresh scent of lily, jasmine and pineapple. In addition to providing stability and defining your curls, Curlicue Cream is completely paraben and sulphate free and 100% vegan. For best results, apply cream to damp hair. You can choose if you only want the cream on your hair ends for more structure, or apply throughout the hair to create a hairstyle and get control of your hair. Remove scattered hair strands and emphasize your curls in a natural way by squeezing the cream with your hands from your scalp to the ends. You can then let your hair dry naturally or use a blow dryer if you want to style your hair further. Curlicue Cream can also be used with these other Maria Nila styling products for curly hair: Styling Spray counteracts frizz, Ocean Spray is ideal for styling natural beach curls, or Salty Mist for lighter beach curls. They all help to fix your hairstyle and your curls so that they last all day long.

Styling cream that gives structure

Maria Nila's Styling Cream is designed to suit all hair types and to nourish the hair. This hair cream gives structure and stability to your hairstyle and a light shine to your hair with a healthy look. If you're looking for an alternative to wax then our Styling Cream is an excellent choice, it can emphasize curls, create a stylish updo, or give stability to straightened hair. Styling Cream has a unique floral and fruity scent of bergamot, lemon and rose and comes in a climate compensated package.
Styling cream provides medium stability, which gives your hair just the right control and structure. The cream is heat-protective so you can shape your hairstyle with a hair dryer or straightener without damaging your hair. Styling Cream is also completely paraben and sulphate free and 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Apply the cream to both damp and dry hair and then blow dry or allow to air dry for a natural look. Combine Styling Cream with other Maria Nila products like Gneiss Molding Paste for even more stability. If you're going for a softer look you could mix the cream with Maria Nila's Argan Oil.