Solve your dry scalp problems Solve your dry scalp problems

Solve your dry scalp problems

Have you ever heard the phrase “healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp”? It’s true! Your scalp health plays a crucial role in the overall condition of your hair. That’s why we fully understand that a dry scalp can frustrate even the most patient person. Let us help with guiding you to a more hydrated scalp and wave goodbye to the dryness and itchiness.

Why you get a dry and itchy scalp

A dry scalp can cause different kinds of discomfort, such as flaking, itching, or irritation. Figuring out why you might be experiencing these issues is the first step to getting rid of them. Sometimes the explanation can be something as simple as not drinking enough water or washing your hair everyday – but that’s not always the case. Some other common causes include:

  • Environmental factors: In warmer temperatures, it’s important to protect your scalp from direct sunlight to prevent sunburn. Colder weather can also be a cause of a dry scalp due to drier air.
  • Dandruff: It can show symptoms like flaking of skin from an irritated and itchy scalp. 
  • Inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. Both of these conditions can disrupt the normal moisture balance of the scalp and cause dryness and possible flaking.
  • Hot showers. A warm shower can feel like the best thing in the world, but steamy showers lift the hair’s cuticle and can cause moisture loss. It's actually better for your scalp to take cooler showers.

How to get rid of a dry scalp

Now that we’ve mapped out a few possible causes, it’s time to look at some possible solutions as well. Depending on what the main cause is for you, the course of action might differ. Here are three tips for how to get rid of your dry scalp:

  1. Use gentle hair products: Some find that ingredients such as sulfates and parabens are too harsh on their scalps. Instead, look for soothing ingredients such as aloe vera.
  2. Avoid overwashing. Find the perfect balance of how often you should wash your hair, depending on your unique hair and scalp needs.
  3. If you blow dry your hair, lower the temperature to go easy on your scalp and avoid drying it out.

Best shampoo for a dry scalp

If you suffer from a dry scalp, you want to opt for a soothing shampoo with moisturizing qualities. All of Maria Nila’s shampoos are free from sulfates and parabens which can be a good option when you have a dry scalp. Our top shampoo recommendation for a dry scalp is: 

Head & Hair Heal Shampoo: Our Heal Shampoo is the dry scalp’s dream-come-true. With ingredients such as calming aloe vera extract and vitamin E, it soothes the scalp while helping to balance it. Follow up with Head & Hair Heal Masque for an even more calming and moisturizing effect.

Prevent a dry scalp

Prevention is key when it comes to maintaining a healthy, hydrated scalp. In addition to the tips we listed for getting rid of a dry scalp, here are some preventative actions you can take to optimize your scalp health;

  • Drink more water. Staying hydrated can help improve your overall health, including your scalp health.
  • Take care of yourself from the inside out. Stress can sometimes increase certain hormones which can affect your scalp. A great way to de-stress is to treat yourself to a relaxing scalp massage using a Scalp Brush. It relaxes tension and boosts oxytocin release.
  • Using a scalp serum can also be a great way of tending to your scalp’s needs.