How to add volume to your hair - A Simple Guide How to add volume to your hair - A Simple Guide

How to add volume to your hair - A Simple Guide

Getting more volume in your hair can feel like an impossibility to achieve. But it is not so difficult to accomplish when you know what your hair needs. With the right hair products and hair styling products that are adapted to your hair type, the dream volume will be easy to fix.

Use hair volume products

Hair products for volume in the hair are the easiest way to create volume. If you wash your hair with too heavy and moisturizing hair products, like products for dry hair or products for frizzy hair, you have already reduced the chance of getting volume. Complementary volume products such as mousse and hair spray that work from the roots, will help the hair to get volume that stays in place all day. We recommend the following hair volume products:

  • Shampoo & conditioner
    Wash your hair with volume shampoo and volume conditioner. If your hair is dry and frizzy or damaged, you can skip this step and use the hair care line True Soft or hair care for damaged hair. Just be careful with using too heavy products so it won't weigh your hair down.
  • Volume mousse
    Maria Nila's Volume Mousse is a nourishing volume mousse that reduces static electricity while it protects against heat. Apply the hair mousse to damp hair and blowdry or let it airdry for a more natural result.
  • Volume spray
    Maria Nila's nourishing volumizing spray works well for adding volume before the styling process and leaves the hair more natural without any stickiness. The spray easily absorbs into the hair, adds body to the lengths and creates volume from the roots. Apply to towel-dried damp hair from the roots to the lengths for best effect.
  • Volume powder
    Maria Nila's Power Powder is a volumizing volume powder for both thin and thick hair which gives a lot of volume that lasts long. Shake the bottle and apply the volume powder with the pump function near the roots in dry hair and gently massage the powder into the hair to create a matte and volumizing look.
  • Cleansing powder
    Maria Nila's Cleansing Powder 120g is a dry shampoo and cleansing powder that instantly freshens up the hair and scalp while adding light texture and volume. It can also be used as a styling powder.
  • Dry Shampoo
    Maria Nila's Dry Shampoo 250ml gives a strong hold and instantly freshens up greasy hair and scalp in between washes. It can also be used to create rougher texture and volume when styling the hair. In comparison to the Maria Nila Invisidry Shampoo, the Dry Shampoo has a stronger hold and adds more volume and texture to the hair.
  • Invisidry Shampoo
    Maria Nila's dry shampoo Invisidry Shampoo 250ml can also be used for volume in the hair, but compared to Maria Nila's Dry Shampoo, the Invisidry Shampoo gives a lighter hold and does not leave any trace of the product in the hair thanks to the innovative formula.
  • Ocean spray
    Maria Nila's Ocean Spray is a salt water spray that creates texture, gives extra hold and has a matte non-sticky finish.
  • Salty mist
    Maria Nila's Salty Mist is a salt water spray that gives texture, volume and a light hold, and it leaves the hair with a nice salty beach feeling.

Other tricks that give volume to the hair

  • Backcombing the hair from the roots
    Rub a comb back and forth at the roots and then strengthen with hair spray. Do not backcomb the hair that will be visible. If you have damaged hair, you should avoid backcombing.
  • Dry your hair upside down
    A simple trick for extra volume in the hair. Do not forget to use heat protection when blow-drying your hair.
  • Apply the products in the right way
    The first step is to purchase the right products for hair volume, but it is even more important to apply them in the right way to achieve the desired result. Many volume products, like volume mousse or volume spray, are only supposed to be applied to the roots and not to the lengths.
  • Switch up the hair part
    Switch up the hair part every now and then to add volume to the hair in an easy way.
  • Use shampoo twice
    When you use shampoo twice you will prevent the hair from weighing down by unnecessary oils and excess products.
  • Use the right hair brush
    If you brush your hair when it is wet, it is important to use the right hair brush. Using the wrong hair brush can make the hair look lifeless and dull. A wet brush with soft bristles is recommended for wet hair.

How to add volume to thin fine hair

Many people with thin fine hair believe it can be tricky to get a lot of volume to the hair. Thin hair easily gets weighed down, so it is best to use products that weigh down the hair as little as possible.

Following the recommendations listed above will get you far, but for specifically thin hair, we advise that you start by trying our volume powder instead of spray and mousse. Also make sure not to use too many products in the hair, it can weigh down and ruin the effect.

Maria Nila's volume powder absorbs excess oils in the hair and gives a matte finish with a lot of volume. The powder dulls oily areas and makes the hair powdery and rough. It will then be very easy to ruffle up or backcomb the hair to achieve the volume you desire. As the powder has a light texture, the thin hairs are not weighed down and you can enjoy the volume all day. The volume powder is suitable for everyone but is extra beneficial for thin hair.

Volumize short hair

Using the right hair washing products is recommended for all hair types, but the effect of styling products differs depending on the hair.

For the hairstyle that is so short that no hair hangs down, we recommend using hair wax to create volume. A hard hair wax works best on very short hair. Minerals Gabbro

Wax has a strong texture so you can easily style your hair to give the illusion of volume.

For a short hairstyle where the hair hangs down a bit, such as a bob, you can easily create volume by following steps:

  1. Wash your hair with the right products accordingly to recommendations above
  2. Apply volumizing hair mousse and blow-dry your hair from different angles
  3. When the hair is still damp - use a round brush and blow-dry
  4. You can increase the volume with a volumizing hair spray at the roots, or spray on the hair for texture