How to become a friendlier salon How to become a friendlier salon

How to become a friendlier salon

Small changes make a big difference, and as companies we all have to try to do our part. We reached out to the Maria Nila partner Uschi Salons, in Germany, to learn more about how salons can save water and be more sustainable.

Uschi Salons mission is to make a difference where they can by contributing to social responsibility and creating sustainable awareness among customers and employees. Uschi applies a holistic thinking that runs through the entire value chain – from education, to suppliers and partners. Below are the top strategies implemented at the salon to reduce water use and increase sustainability.

How to become a friendlier salon

Actively Integrate “Save Water” Guidelines into the Communication with Employees and Trainees.

At Uschi, we try to use as little water as possible and everyone is taught how to handle resources carefully in the salon. According to the motto "Don't waste", we have our internal "How To Uschi Guideline" that defines all important aspects on how to use water efficiently. We turn off the water when we do not need it, and all toilets are water-saving.

Greening of the Salon with Suitable Plants

With the greening of our salons, we have developed a concept with plants that need little water to grow – to avoid being wasteful. We love plants, but we don’t want to waste water.

Long-Term Partnership with a Sustainable Laundry

In the past, our washing machines worked 24/7 – often with smaller quanti- ties. To get ahead of it, we have been working for several years with a laundry company that uses resources sparingly and has an efficiency that we could never achieve.

Suppliers and Partners with a Similar Philosophy

Since implementing our updated sustainable strategy in 2017, we stopped collaborating with some of the major suppliers in the industry. It was clear to us that not everyone shared our values and visions for the future. Large corporations still focus merely on growth and profit and many are still testing their products on animals – this is not our understanding of sustainability.

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