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The Maria Nila Company becomes Carbon Neutral

Maria Nila proudly announces its achievement of becoming a carbon-neutral company following the standards of GHG Protocol Corporate Standard. This significant milestone is an important step in Maria Nila's commitment and vision to lead sustainable beauty and practicing environmental responsibility in all aspects of its operations.

In 2023, Maria Nila successfully offset a total of 7­­191 tons of CO2. The offset is based on climate calculations aligned with the international standard GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, encompassing both direct and indirect emissions. Maria Nila has collected internal data and made estimations where needed according to GHG Protocol Corporate Standard. The carbon offsetting efforts focus on tree planting initiatives, through partnerships with CommuniTree in Nicaragua, and the Upper Tana Nairobi Water Fund Trust (UTNWFT).

These projects involve more than one thousand smallholder farmers across various regions, where trees are planted to sequester carbon and contribute to a healthier environment. The CommuniTree project in Nicaragua supports a range of social and ecological co-benefits. Participating farmers experience increased economic security, while the planted trees create habitats for biodiversity to flourish. The Upper Tana Nairobi Water Fund Trust, operating in a catchment area north of Nairobi, Kenya, is another vital partner in Maria Nila's carbon offsetting efforts. This project collaborates with approximately 169,000 smallholder farmers, empowering them to better manage their land in exchange for performance-based payments.

In summary, Maria Nila is on a mission to innovate beauty towards a friendlier world for nature, wildlife, and humanity. Maria Nila works on a daily basis to find new ways and solutions to improve the products, services and overall impact in the beauty industry. All to make the world a little more friendly.