The Importance of Incorporating a Hair Masque in your haircare routine The Importance of Incorporating a Hair Masque in your haircare routine

The Importance of Incorporating a Hair Masque in your haircare routine

A moisturizing and nourishing hair mask is a key product for healthy, soft and shiny hair. But do you know when in your hair routine you should apply a mask to maximize the results? Keep reading to learn more about why you should use a hair mask and find the right hair mask for your hair type.  

Why should you use a hair mask?

Hair masks are packed with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients to help your hair become stronger and more lustrous. A hair mask contains effective active ingredients that can make a big difference for the health and shine of your hair. It’s particularly important if you have dry, damaged, frizzy, or very long hair. Unlike a regular conditioner that rests on the surface of the hair strand, a mask penetrates the surface of your hair for a deeply restorative effect. Regular use of a hair mask will give your hair more shine, make it softer and stronger.

How to use a hair mask

We all know that a shampoo removes dirt, oils, and product residue from the hair and scalp. But shampooing not only cleanses your hair – it also creates the perfect foundation to add a nourishing hair mask. This is because shampoo have a pH of 6-6.5, higher than the hair and skin’s natural level of 5-5.5, causing the outer layer of the hair to open. As this layer, called the cuticle, opens, it makes the hair more receptive to all the good effects from the products in your hair care routine.

When the hair’s cuticle opens it creates the perfect time to apply a hair mask, as it can get to the core of the hair and boost it with nutrients. After you have thoroughly rinsed the shampoo out of your hair, gently towel dry the hair and apply the hair mask throughout the lengths. Let the mask sit for a for minimum 3 minutes or up to twenty minutes for even more effect.

Conditioner is always used as the last step in your hair wash routine and helps to lock in the benefits of the mask. As a conditioner has a low pH of 4-4.5 it forces the outer layer of the hair to close, protecting it and giving it a shiny finish. All Maria Nila conditioners contains active ingredients to further boost the softness, shine and health of the hair. Leave the conditioner in the hair for a couple of minutes to initiate the process of closing the hair’s cuticle.

For those days when you don’t have the time to let a mask sit, or if you’re traveling and can’t fit a mask in your bag, you can use a fast-acting hair treatment like the Booster Masque. This is a hair hero that replaces both hair mask and conditioner to give you soft and lustrous hair. Apply after you have shampooed your hair, just like you would with a mask, and let sit for 3 minutes before rinsing.

How often should you use a hair mask

Our general recommendation is that you incorporate a hair mask to you routine once a week. This will help you maintain the health of your hair and keep it feeling soft. If you struggle with very damaged or dry hair you can apply a mask every time you wash your hair, as this hair type needs some extra care.

Find the right hair mask for your hair

What kind of hair mask you need is individual and depends on the needs of your hair type. We have listed our recommendations below to help you find your mask match!

Hair mask for dry hair

If you have naturally dry hair or curly hair, we recommend you go for the True Soft Hair Masque. This hair mask with argan oil will help preserve moisture and strengthen your hair for a silky-smooth result.

Hair mask for colored hair

For colored hair we recommend the Luminous Colour Hair Masque. This hair mask with pomegranate extract will both add shine to bring out your hair color and reduce color-loss.  

Hair mask for damaged hair

Damaged or chemical treated hair needs a hair mask that will help it regain strength and become softer. The Structure Repair Hair Masque with repairing algae extracts is the perfect choice to add moisture to this hair type.

Hair mask for sensitive scalp

If you have a sensitive and dry scalp, then you should go for a hair mask that can be applied to both lengths and scalp. The Head & Hair Heal Masque with calming aloe vera extract is moisturizing and made with an allergen free perfume.

Hair mask for thin hair

If you have thin hair you want to stay away from products that are too heavy and risk weighing your hair down. The Pure Volume Masque with provitamin B5 will nourish your hair and give it a soft feel, while helping create long-lasting volume.

Hair mask for blonde hair

Bleached blonde hair can get warm and yellow tones while also becoming dry from treatments. Sheer Silver Masque is made with blackberry extract and help neutralize golden shades and moisturize your hair.