Curly hair hacks with Chanelle Coleman Törnqvist Curly hair hacks with Chanelle Coleman Törnqvist

Curly hair hacks with Chanelle Coleman Törnqvist


Detangle before wash. 

Use a haircare series that’s kind to your hair. I use Head & Hair Heal series by Maria Nila.  

Starting off with shampoo, and it’s important to use shampoo two times.  Work gently with the shampoo and massage the scalp. When it comes to the lengths, do not scrub or massage. Apply through the lengths. Rinse carefully.  

Time for hair mask. The mask should be worked by through the hair with the hands. My hairdresser Sarah always tries to avoid combing while applying the mask. If you’ve got thicker hair, divide the hair into several sections to really be able to work it in. 

Finish off with conditioner. Work gently through the lengths. Rinse carefully.  


Start off with Structure Repair Leave-in cream. A leave in cream is really good to put in before the styling products to keep the hair moisturized.  

Curlicue Cream. Divide the hair into sections and work the styling product in with your fingers to get more defined curls. Curly hair products goes better on wet hair, so make sure that your hair is damp while applying it, then work the product through with your fingers.


Curly hair is extra sensitive towards heat, so make sure to always protect the hair. I use the Cream Heat Spray from Maria Nila before using a diffuser to carefully blow-dry the hair. Then finish off with Maria Nila Soft Argan Oil to lock in the moisture. Voila!  

And don’t forget to cut the ends regularly and give your curls the love they deserve!