How to get thicker hair – 6 tips that actually works How to get thicker hair – 6 tips that actually works

How to get thicker hair – 6 tips that actually works

A common question is how to get thicker if you have thin hair or experience hair loss. The texture and thickness of your hair is largely determined by your genes, but did you know that there are several things you can do to get fuller and stronger hair? We have gathered our 6 best tips that can help you get thicker hair naturally!

How to make your hair thicker step by step

There are a lot of things you can do to get thicker hair, from keeping a healthy diet to taking care of the scalp and being careful with how you style your hair. To help you we have gathered our 6 best tips on how to get thicker hair. 

1. It starts from the inside – eat right!

Create good conditions for healthier hair with a healthy diet. Go for foods that contain proteins and good fats such as omega-3 and olive oil. It is also important that you get your vitamins, so add more fruit and vegetables to your meals.

2. Take care of your scalp

We often don't think as much about taking care of our scalp as we do with our hair, but the health of the scalp also affects hair growth. To keep the skin on the scalp balanced, a mild shampoo for dry and sensitive scalp without sulfates is a great choice. If you use a lot of styling products, you can also use a detox shampoo to remove product residue without drying out the skin.

Increasing blood circulation in the scalp is also a way to stimulate hair growth. Try incorporating a scalp massage into your hair care routine with either the help of a scalp brush or by using your fingers when you shampoo your hair.

3. Wash your hair in the right way 

How you wash your hair also affects the health of your hair, which is crucial to getting thicker and stronger hair. How often you should wash your hair is a common question and our best tip is that you should avoid washing your hair more than 3 times a week. When you wash your hair, we recommend that you use a hair mask after shampooing your hair but before conditioner. As the cuticle of the hair opens up when shampooing, which allows the active ingredients in the hair mask to deeply nourish the hair. Finish off with a conditioner to close the hair's cuticles and to lock in the caring ingredients.

4. Cut your hair

Damaged hair often looks thin and lifeless when the outer layer of the hair is worn down and destroyed. If you have damaged hair it is usually hard to grow your hair longer and the hair can even break off from the damage. To take care of damaged hair it is good to regularly cut your hair and get rid of the damage. This gives your hair a fuller look while also giving your hair the chance to grow without breaking.

5. Use less hot styling tools

Hot styling tools both dry out and damage the hair, which can make your hair look thin. Try to stay away from the hair dryer or straightener and let your hair air dry – or try styling tricks like heatless curls to create a look without heat. If you still want to use hot tools to create your looks it's important to always use heat protection.

6. Use the right hair products 

Another way to get thicker hair is to use the right hair products, that can both help you get a stronger hair and a more voluminous result. Use a shampoo and conditioner without sulfates as it can dry out your hair and scalp, or products made specifically to increase hair growth. 

Our best hair products for thicker hair

A healthy scalp, strong hair and hair styling products will help you create the feeling of thicker hair. We have listed our best products for getting thicker hair and how to use them in the best way:

  • Shampoo & conditioner for thicker hair
    Which shampoo and conditioner that can help you get thicker hair depends on your hair type. If you have naturally thin hair, you should wash your hair with a volume shampoo and volume conditioner. Our haircare line for thin and fine hair is called Pure Volume and contains provitamin B5 which provides long-lasting volume.

    If you are experiencing hair loss and want to stimulate hair growth, you can instead use shampoo and conditioner from the Head & Hair Heal series. This haircare range with aloe vera extract helps to balance dry and sensitive scalps.

  • Hair mask for thicker hair
    If your hair feels thin because you have damaged hair it is important to use moisturizing and nourishing products, like a hair mask. To maximize the effect of the har mask we recommend that you apply it to the lengths after shampooing and leave in for 5 - 10 minutes before rinsing off and following up with conditioner. If you have naturally thin hair, we recommend the Pure Volume Hair Masque, which adds moisture without weighing the hair down. If you want to stimulate hair growth, you should use the Head & Hair Heal Masque

  • Hair mousse for thicker hair
    Our Volume Mousse is a volumizing hair mousse that gives the hair a fuller look without feeling sticky, while also protecting against heat from blow dryers. Apply the hair mousse to damp hair from the roots towards the lengths and style, or let your hair air dry.

  • Volume spray
    Maria Nila's nourishing Volume Spray is great for getting voluminous hair that looks thicker. Apply the volumizing spray to the roots when your hair is damp and then blow dry to achieve the best result and lasting volume.

  • Volume powder
    A styling product that quickly adds volume and hold is our Power Powder. Shake the hair volume powder and apply to the roots of dry hair and massage the powder in. You can also reactivate the volumizing effect throughout the day if your hair is looking thinner. Simply massage the scalp where you applied the Power Powder with your fingers and your hair will get a fuller look again!

  • Dry shampoo for thicker hair
    Did you know that dry shampoo can be used to both refresh hair between washes and as a styling product to add volume and get the look of thicker hair? Maria Nila's Dry Shampoo adds hold and structure to the hair, perfect for creating volume in thin hair. If you want to add volume in the lengths and get the feeling of a clean scalp then the Cleansing Powder is the way to go.