Sea salt spray for perfect beach waves Sea salt spray for perfect beach waves

Sea salt spray for perfect beach waves

Sea salt spray is your all-access pass to achieving those beachy waves that make you look like you've spent the day soaking up the sun and surf. But there's more, our sprays don't just mimic the ocean's touch – they give your hair volume and texture while nourishing and protecting your hair. Ready to transform your hair into a windswept masterpiece? Let's dive in!

What is sea salt spray?

A sea salt spray is designed to mimic the effect of ocean water on your hair, giving you that beachy, windswept look without any of the stickiness or stiffness. When applied, it enhances the natural waves and curls in your hair, providing texture and volume. This makes it a perfect choice for those looking to add a bit of oomph to their otherwise flat or lifeless hair.

Benefits of using sea salt sprays

·  Natural texture and volume: Sea salt sprays create summery waves with a feeling of having bathed in salt water. The texture also helps when you want to create long lasting updos.

·  Suitable for all hair types: Whether you have short, long, thin, or thick hair, sea salt sprays are versatile enough to work wonders on all of them.

·  Nourishing ingredients: If you value using products with gentle ingredients, you can feel safe using our sea salt sprays as they will nourish your hair while styling it.

·  UV and color protection: One of the benefits of choosing products like Ocean Spray or Salty Mist is that they are color-preserving with our Color Guard Complex while also protecting your hair from UV-radiation and free radicals.

Our sea salt sprays and creams

·  Ocean Spray: This texturizing saltwater spray with extra hold is ideal for creating lasting updos or enhancing your natural waves. It features a matte finish and a fruity scent of apple and apricot.

·  Salty Mist: This lighter nourishing spray adds volume and a gentle hold, perfect for a softer, more natural beachy look. It has a floral scent of bergamot and Bulgarian rose. For even more nourishment and shine we recommend mixing it in the palm of your hand with the True Soft Argan Oil and apply it to the lengths of your hair.

·  Salty Cream: For those who prefer creams, this product adds moisture and defines curls with a light hold. It has a fresh scent of bergamot and citrus. 

·  Beach Waves Kit: Want a kit with our favorite trio for the perfect beach waves? This one's for you! Consider it your emergency kit for when you want that coveted beach vibe in a whiff.