What is the best hairspray? What is the best hairspray?

What is the best hairspray?

Hairspray is a styling product that can be your hair’s best friend, making sure your hair stays in place all day long, gets rid of frizz and adds volume. Finding the perfect hairspray for your hair can be difficult when there seems to be endless options out there. Whether you want curls to hold or give volume to fine hair, we’ve got you covered with tips and tricks on how to achieve your hair goals.

What is the best hairspray to hold curls?

When you’ve spent a long time curling your entire hair, the last thing you want is for the hair to lose its shape. To give maximum hold to your curled hair, we recommend layering  hairspray throughout the curling process. 

  • Our Styling Spray is the perfect option to use in layers while curling your hair. Spray it on the section of your hair that you’re about to curl. Thanks to its lightweight formula, you will be able to easily brush out the curls and continue to style it the way you want.
  • When the curling is done, you can finish it off with our Finishing Spray for a stronger hold. Working alternately with a lighter hairspray and a stronger one is the ultimate secret for curls that last all day long. 
  • If you want to lock your hair-do in and make sure it won’t budge, even through a night of partying and dancing, our Extreme Spray is your best choice. It offers our strongest hold and is perfect as a final step for long-lasting styling.

What is the best hairspray for fine hair?

Fine hair can sometimes need some extra texture and volume to hold a hairstyle in place throughout the day. Our Volume Spray is an exceptional hairspray to reach for before you start styling your hair. Spray it onto damp hair from the roots to the lengths, and blow-dry to activate the volumizing effect. This will give you the best conditions for a long lasting hairstyle, as hair with texture often holds shape better. Continue to style your hair as desired and finish off with a hairspray of your choosing with either light or strong hold. 

Psst, remember to use a heat protectant spray before using heat tools on your hair.